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- The world easiest scheduling and booking program
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Check out the Quick-BookWiz fully functional demo company, complete with sample data you can play with to get a great feel of how Quick-BookWiz works.  Here you can add new clients, bookings, and create invoices.

Try Quick-BookWiz to set-up your business**
Use our set-up wizard to set-up your own business. You can then see how
Quick-BookWiz will work for you for free with no obligation.  Your subscription won't start until you decide to add a booking for your organistation.
No set-up fees if done on-line
No upgrade fees or contract
Access from anywhere online
Unlimited cutomer support
Secure data transfer and storage
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Unlimited traffic and storage
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* The demo company uses the fully functional single branch pricing plan with an access permit level of "Administration" without any limits. 
** When setting up your own business you are able to define all parameters for a single branch pricing plan.  There is a time limit of 30 days to complete the set-up. Once you have reached this time limit you can choose to enter your billing details and select the pricing plan best suited to your business. All the data stored will be deleted after the trial period. 
All prices in NZ Dollars,
excluding GST
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